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Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Govt. vs Small Govt.

What is the purpose of big Government? Well, I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said, "If the people fear the Government, then it's tyranny, if the Government fears the people, then it's liberty." The Government was not designed to rule every aspect of the citizens lives. In our world, we have different spheres of life. You have community, God and man, labor, State, family, and Church. In our nation, Pres. Obama and his administration, whether he likes to admit it or not, is trying to control every single one of these spheres. First of all, the State is becoming God, although that began years and years ago. He is trying to take over the sphere of community. Who leads the community? There is no leader. Every individual in the community hold the same responsibility and authority. When I say community, I'm talking about a small or large group of neighbors. He is also trying to take over God and man saying that it should instead be State and man. Now what about labor? Does the Government control labor? No! The people, the citizens control that. In regards to creating jobs, that's our responsibility, it is our job to create jobs. State, is of course the only sphere the government belongs in. What about family? Who's the leader in the family? Besides Jesus, it is the man, then the woman, and then the children. The state has no right to control the family. With them trying to be God, they throw Jesus out, so instead of: Jesus, man, woman, and children, it becomes: State, man, woman, and children. Now, concerning church, who's the leader, again, Jesus, then the elders and pastors, and then the flock, or members. In this sphere, the State definitely has no right to interfere. But again, them becoming God, throws out Jesus and replaces Him within the church, and the state orders us to worship them. Now, we're not quite there just yet, but we're getting close. This is exactly why we should not have a big government. Smaller government is always better. But please comment, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.


  1. I can't say I'm very politically minded. I can just barely grasp the concepts that come across tv, But doesn't the constitution tell us we are allowed to as a people, instate a new government if we don't like the current one? Correct me if I am wrong please. Thank you!

  2. No, I don't believe it says that. Although, people can suggest ideas for a bill, and if the bill is passed in both the House of Representative and the Senate and it goes to the president and he signs it then it will become law, but that is a very hard and long process.